Defending sexual and reproductive rights in Europe

Study_sexualrightsA study commissioned by Heidi, Opposition to sexual and reproductive rights in Europe, was published today to reveal the networks and identify the actors who are part of the anti-choice movement that is active in the EU.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), women’s rights and gender equality play an enormous role in ensuring fair, prosperous and equal societies. As the minister of international development of Finland, Heidi was able to hear first-hand accounts from women whose lives were vastly improved thanks to the provision of SRHR services.

Despite the clear progress towards enhancing women’s reproductive choices both in the developed and developing countries, at national, European and international levels, there are those who aim to move backwards.

Anti-choice forces have increased their efforts, among others in the European Parliament, to push their ideas further into the political mainstream, mobilising through social media campaigns and co-opted moderate political group members to their cause. The study is to call out these questionable tactics and those who apply them, in order to make the wider public aware of them. It is crucial for pro-choice forces across the political spectrum to mobilise together to defend the rights that have been fought hard to secure.