Yabloko activists should be released immediately

Member of the European Parliament Heidi Hautala and Member of the Finnish Parliament Johanna Sumuvuori call for an immediate release of the two political detainees Olga Zaletskaya and Alexandra Kornilova in the Republic of Karelia.

Two members of the Yabloko Party, Olga Zaletskaya and Alexandra Kornilova, were arrested on 26 March in Russia. This is suspected to be based on politically motivated ends. On 6th of April the Supreme court of the Republic of Karelia varied the restraint measure of Olga Zaletskaya and Alexandra Kornilova from pretrial detention to house arrest.

”We want to send this solidarity statement to Olga Zaletskaya and Alexandra Kornilova. We condemn their detention which is a sign of the deteriorating conditions of the Russian political opposition. The situation is very tough in the Republic of Karelia. Olga Zaletskaya and Alexandra Kornilova must immediately be fully released from house arrest. We fully support the full right of the Russian political actors, including opposition, and civil society to participate in the political life of the Russian society and state without discrimination or repression.”