Hautala Urges EU to Invest More into UN Human Rights Council

 European Parliament discussed today the ongoing 16th session of the UN Human Rights Council and the recently concluded review of the working methods of the Council in particular. Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Human Rights, Ms Hautala will chair the European Parliament delegation to the ongoing session of the Council on 16-18 March.[:]


Chairwoman said she is honoured to lead the European Parliament delegation to the Human Rights Council 16th session at this critical time.


“With decisive and timely action towards Libya, Council has vindicated criticism levelled against it. Yes, it remains painfully ineffective and politicised still, but no longer it is merited to say that the Council is not able to take action when needed. It can. Different regional groups can come together; the Council does not need to be divided. Today there is no longer a reason why action on Iran, North Korea, DRC, Burma and Sudan couldn’t be next in line, ” she said.


She noted, however, that this particular time is significant also for another reason. The first comprehensive review of the working methods of the Council has come to a conclusion.


“I feel disappointed by the fact that the Council failed to appreciate the importance of the review. EU prepared itself well but failed to win the support of others. In any future discussion of the Council’s work the EU must build alliances, reach across to other partners, be willing to listen and able to compromise,” she said.


She underlined an issue of great importance to the Subcommittee, the EU performance at the Human Rights Council while noting that “after the creation of the Human Rights and Democracy Directorate at the European External Action Service, the EU Delegation in Geneva has a central role to play in EU human rights policy in the world. The Delegation must be equipped with increased resources and its work must be integrated into all fields of EU foreign policy.”


In her response High Representative Ashton expressed her pleasure over Ms Hautala leading the delegation visit to Geneva due to her expertise in human rights. She fully agreed with her in that the EU Delegation has come to play increasingly important role in the EU foreign affairs and human rights policy and expressed her trust in the commitment and ability of Ms Hautala to see this wield results.


European parliament will adopt a resolution on the 16th session of the UN Human Rights Council on 10 March.