Continuing Disappearances in Ingushetia Must be Investigated

Chairwoman Hautala, in her response to a letter by Mr Djambulat Ozdoev, Ombudsman of Ingushetia, welcomed new information over investigations over the cases of those disappeared in Ingushetia. She emphasised that it is most important to ensure that those responsible will be brought to justice. [:] 


18 February 2011

Ombudsman Office in Ingushetia
A. Bokov Lane 3,
Magas 386001, Republic of Ingushetia

Dear Mr Djambulat Ozdoev, Ombudsman of Ingushetia,

Thank you for your letter, dated 26th of January. I am very pleased to have good cooperation with you and most grateful for your quick reply.

I am happy to learn that you have taken up on your own initiative the investigation of the disappearance of Ms Zalina Elhoroeva, who went missing on 24th of December 2010. Similarly, I am most encouraged by the efforts you have undertaken to investigate the disappearance of Tsurov Movsar Rashidovich, who went missing on 5th of February 2011. News of the death of his brother on 12th of February, Tsurov Magomed Rashidovich are deeply saddening. I hope those responsible will be brought to justice.

I wish you much success in your efforts to continue pursuing justice with regards the case of Mr Torshhoeva Israila Tovsultanovitsha, who was apparently released from detention on 26th of November 2010 but has not been seen since.

I was also encouraged to learn that you are strongly committed to ensuring that Adam Khamkhoyev, whose return on 31st of December was in part a success of yours, his relatives or any residents of Ingushetia will not be persecuted.

I wish to inform you at this time that the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the rule of law in Russia on 17th of February and that the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights will discuss human rights situation in Russia on 28th of February. In case you would be interested to have a look, I will send you together with my letter the resolution and later on, the documents from our hearing.

Should there be any help I can offer, you can count on my support. I, of course, welcome you at European parliament at any time of your convenience.


Chairwoman of European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights