Concern over the Situation of Human Rights Lawyer Chen Guangcheng

Chairwoman Hautala and László Tokés, Vice President of European Parliament, enquired on 26th of January how High Representative Ashton intends to ensure that EU support human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng in China.[:]


26 January 2011

Baroness Catherine Ashton
High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Vice-President of the European Commission

Dear High Representative,

We are writing to you regarding Mr Chen Guangcheng, blind self taught rights lawyer who had been released from prison having served in full sentence 4 years and 3 months in prison for revealing human rights abuses under China’s one child policy.

Mr Chen Guangcheng was transported from prison directly to his home in Shandong province. However, Mr Chen Guangcheng and his family were placed under strict house arrest and remain under constant guard by several dozen people, apparently hired by the local police, in attempt to isolate the whole family.

Upon his release, Mr Chen Guangcheng was suffering from serious illness and authorities are continuing to refuse to allow him to seek medical treatment. The family are barred from stepping outside the door of their home, their 5 year old daughter continues to miss school, and the entire family is left to depend on Mr Chen Guangcheng’s 78 year old mother who is only allowed out to buy groceries under constant physical surveillance. The local police and its collaborators continue to storm into Mr Chen Guangcheng’s home without any prior warning and have made threats against Chen’s life.

We understand that efforts by the EU Delegation to visit Mr Chen Guangcheng have been blocked by the individuals guarding Mr Chen Guangcheng. We wish to know what further steps the Delegation will take to visit Mr Chen Guangcheng.


László TŐKÉS
Vice President of European Parliament

Chairwoman of European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights