Colombia Must Combat Violence against Women

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25th of November, Heidi Hautala together with several other Green Group Members of European Parliament sent a letter to Colombian authorities, calling for better measures to combat violence against women.[:]


The Embassy of Colombia – Mission to the European Union
The European Union Delegation in Colombia


Strasbourg, 25 November 2010




We greet you on the occasion of International Day Elimination of Violence against Women, 25th of November, mindful of the needs for Colombia to continue its combat on violence against women. In recent days we have once again had an opportunity to hear testimonies from women in Colombia at the European Parliament. These testimonies have reaffirmed us of the importance and urgency of taking bold and strong action against the violence in Colombia, that touches a very especially women.

We wish to raise the case of Ms. Meneses Blanca Nieves to your attention, in particular. All her daughters suffered of sexual violence before they were disappeared. We understand they were since executed. Mothers of Soacha, including Ms. Maria Ubilerma Sanabria Lopez and Luz Marina Bernal, whose teenage children have disappeared, are still seeking justice.
These cases are emblematic of violence against the population
Colombia, and in particular against women in the context of conflict

Given that the persistence of grave violations of human rights, the blanket impunity and violence committed against women in the context of armed conflict are often ignored, we call for the recognition and extensive investigation of these cases. In addition, these cases must be guaranteed a fair trial and victims the appropriate reparation.

Lastly, we call for the European Commission Delegation in Colombia to make effort to implement the EU guidelines on the Violence against Women, and in particular incorporate them permanently on the agenda of the human rights with the Colombian government.


by the Greens / European Free Alliance in the European Parliament


Ulrike Lunacek, MEP
Coordinator at the Foreign Affairs Committee

Catherine Grèzes, MEP
Coordinator for the Committee on Development

Heidi Hautala, MEP
Chairwoman of European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights

Barbara Lochbihler, MEP
Coordinator at the Human Rights Commission

Raul Romeva i Rueda, MEP
Vice-President of the Greens / European Free Alliance

Keith Taylor, MEP
Member on the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection