23.2. Ambassador of Peru, Mr. Jorge Valdez

Chairwoman Hautala met on 23.2. the Ambassador of Peru, Mr. Jorge Veldez. [:]

Ms Hautala expressed her condolences over the buss accident where 38 people lost their lives near Viru, northern Peru the previous day. Discussion concentrated much on the situation and rights of indigenous people. Ms Hautala expressed her concern especially with regards the related unrests in June last year where police intervention left several people dead and hundreds were injured. Closely related issue is the use of land resources, which in places affects the livelihood of the indigenous people. Mining activities have faced widespread protests from human rights activists but these protests have also been repressed. Hautala  also asked Peru to consider the UNECE Århus Convention on environmental rights as it would provide a good framework for citizens’ participation in the mining issues. Chairwoman Hautala expressed her hopes to continue the open dialogue with the Peruvian authorities on these matters and looks forward to productive cooperation in the future.