23.2. Ambassador of Bangladesh, Ms. Ismat Jahan

Chairwoman Hautala met on 23.2. with Ambassador of Bangladesh, Ms Ismat Jahan to discuss the human rights situation in Bangladesh and cooperation of the representative with the Subcommittee on Human Rights. [:]

Chairwoman Hautala stated that she has strong Asian interest in her activities and that she is looking to visit the region at the first opportunity. Ambassador informed Ms Hautala of most recent developments in her country and increased turnout of women voters in the most recent parliamentary elections was discussed with great interest. Women are well represented in country’s political life and they have become more independent also in rural areas. As in most countries, reforming the education system remains a challenge to meet the needs of young population.

Chairwoman Hautala expressed her concern over the death penalty which is still in force in Bangladesh and encouraged the government to ensure that NGO-laws enable the civil society to be able to function freely and stressed that vigorous protection of human rights defenders is important in any diverse and open society.