World premiere of “Justice for Sergei” – 16th November

On November 16, 2009, an innocent lawyer died tragically inside a notorious  Russian prison. “Justice for Sergei” is the unsettling account of the capture and torture of Sergei Magnitsky, an ordinary man who tried to expose the extraordinary corruption gripping Russia today. [:]

Six parliaments are screening the film on the anniversary of Sergei’s death. These parallel events send out a clear signal that the world will not accept the continued abuses of power in Russia and urge justice for Sergei.

The film will be presented in the European parliament by directors Hans Hermans and Martin Maat and hosted  by Heidi Hautala, chairwoman of EP subcommittee of human rights and Kristiina Ojuland, member of the Russia delegation in the EP and EP subcommittee of human rights. The event will be  held Tuesday 16th November 1pm in the Yehudi Menuhin Hall, European parliament, Brussels.

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