Subcommittee takes up the Situation in Libya and Yemen

European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights held an extraordinary meeting on 23 March on the human rights situation in Libya and Yemen, due to the recent dramatic developments in both countries. [:]The meeting was addressed by Mr Ezzadine Al Asbahi, Director of the Human Rights Information and Training Centre in Yemen, and Mr Khaeri Giuma Aboushagor of the Libyan League for Human Rights.

Chairwoman Hautala noted that by the time of the meeting taking place, it was quite obvious that the effects of the “Jasmine Revolution” were now stretching into a broad swathe from the Atlantic coast of Africa through to the Persian Gulf with fall-out reaching as far as China.

The Members of the European Parliament welcomed the UN Human Rights Council swift and decisive action on Libya, by way of the Special Session held on 25 of February and a Security Council action on 17 of March. Particular appreciation was expressed over the fact that solid mandate had been founded for the International Criminal Court to pursue justice for any grave crimes committed by the Libyan forces. Chairwoman Hautala reiterated her view that it is imperative that Colonel Gaddafi relinquish power immediately. With regards the situation in Yemen, the Members expressed concern over the escalation of violence and urged the security forces to refrain from using violence.