Ongoing Atrocities in Libya Must Be Stopped

Chairwoman Hautala strongly condemns the reported use of lethal force by the Libyan authorities against the protesters and the widespread and continuous killing of civilians. It is time for the international community to move from talk to action, she said. [:]

Chairwoman emphasised that while the reports of random firing, use of heavy artillery and violence have come in drowes, the international community must waste no time to take action. “Disappointingly, the UN Security Council falls short of ensuring safety for the people on the ground. With hundreds of people killed and reports over indiscriminate firing on civilians and atrocities still coming in, stopping at a strong condemnation is just not up to the bar”.

Such statements must be followed by action to stop the violence. Arms embargo must be put in place without delay, sanctions against the leader’s family and hiscommanders must now be a serious option. Reports over alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity multiplying at speed, it is imperative that the Human Rights Council suspend the membership of Libya. So long as we have neither investigation nor accountability, no seat must be held by Libya”, she stressed, adding that “Commanders should face justice for killings”.