Ugandan Parliament Shelves the Draft Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Heidi Hautala welcomes the decision of the government of Uganda to withdraw the anti-homosexuality draft from the parliamentary agenda after its global condemnation, but notes that this withdrawal only does not suffice in ensuring that rights of sexual minorities are respected in Uganda. [:]Chairwoman Hautala recalls that after the bill is off the table for the moment, measures must now be taken to protect the rights of sexual minorities in Uganda. LGBT community has faced too much violence and persecution in Uganda for the situation to be able to normalise only by withdrawing this gruesome bill. Legal safety guards must be applied to ensure equality and non-discrimination in Uganda.

The Cotonou Agreement between the African States and the EU and the human rights clauses there contained foresees that Uganda uphold its obligations under international human rights law. This is what the European Parliament expects from the Ugandan authorities now, Chairwoman said.