Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill Must be Withdrawn

Chairwoman Hautala is gravely concerned over the information that an Anti-Homosexuality bill is scheduled to have a second hearing at the Ugandan Parliament tomorrow, meaning that the bill might near adoption soon.  This bill must be withdrawn. There is no place for this kind of legislation in any community. [:]Not only is this bill outright unconstitutional, it defeats the core of human rights and disparages human value, Chairwoman stressed.

The draft criminalises support for homosexuals and foresees imprisonment for life and even a death penalty for homosexuality.

LGBT community has faced persistent violence and persecution in Uganda, latest victim being the globally renowned human rights and LGBT advocate David Kato, who was killed in his home on 26 January 2011. The response of the Ugandan authorities to this tragic killing and the progress of the bill has been deeply unsettling and unacceptable, she noted.