Time is running: the EU must take the lead and support Egypt’s Constitutional process

Given the improvement of the human rights situation in Egypt the Chairwoman of the Human Rights Sub-Committee Heidi Hautala believes it is urgent for the EU to be present on the ground and take the lead in the international community to support Egypt’s Constitutional process: a referendum will be held within two months on a Constitutional reform.[:]

“Egypt has only until mid-April to work on the drafting of a new Constitution: it is urgent that  the EU take the initiative to organize an international conference of constitutional experts to provide the Egyptian Constitutional Committee with urgent legal expertise : time is running.”

“I reiterate my call for the creation of an EU Special Envoy for Human Rights, urgently needed in Egypt, Tunisia and the whole region.”

“Our HR/VP C. Ashton needs to meet with independent civil society, young activists like Wael Ghoneim have been the leaders in this revolution for freedom and democracy”

Heidi Hautala also mentioned the recent developments for freedoms in Egypt:

“It is encouraging to see state-owned TV and press is now free in Egypt, freedom of expression is crucial to pave the way for genuine elections but also in view of the new Constitution coming in two months. Equally encouraging is the fact that the army has tolerated nation-wide strikes in all sectors, the right to strike was never respected in Egypt before. More such moves are vital for a genuine democratic transition”. 
On Tunisia, Heidi Hautala proposed that 
“The EU should study the possibility to have Ben Ali extradited to Tunisia from Saudi Arabia.”