Subcommittee and International Organisation for Migration Discuss the Migration Flow from Libya

Subcommittee on Human Rights held on 3 March an extraordinary meeting on Libya to discuss the increasing flows of people escaping violence and challenges this wave of migration present inside Libya, in its neighbouring countries and Southern Europe. The meeting was held together with the International Organisation for Migration and it was addressed by Mr Laurence Hart, Chief of the IOM Mission in Libya.[:]Much of the attention at the meeting was focused on the situation on the ground in Libya, in particular how to guarantee the safety of the people who have fled their homes but are staying inside the country and ensure access for aid agencies to such individuals. Border areas were recognised as the hotspots of need for aid supplies, while camps have been put up in many different locations near and far border regions.

There is a shortage of medical supplies now inside the country, while providing supplies to camps outside is somewhat easier. Attention was also given to how Tunisia and Egypt are able to handle the flow of the people.

With regards all these issues it was emphasised that the protection of most vulnerable people must at this time be a priority.