Puhe Somalian apua linjanneessa konferenssissa

Ministeri Hautala korosti naisten ja tyttöjen aseman parantamista puheessaan korkean tason Somalia-konferenssissa Brysselissä 16.9.2013[:]

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Kehitysministeri Heidi Hautalan puhe New Deal Somalia-konferenssissa Brysselissä 16.9.2013

Check against Delivery

Dear Chairman and Colleagues,

This High Level Conference is a beginning of a process that will help Somalia and the international community to work together towards a common goal: to support Somalia’s development in a more coordinated way. We will enhance Somali ownership and accountability, and recognize Somalia’s own priorities.

The Compact helps us to achieve a sustainable peace and development in Somalia. Follow-up to this New Deal Conference is extremely important, too. The new financial architecture is needed to facilitate and strengthen our common efforts.

Re-building Somalia’s social and economic foundations requires inclusive processes:

(i) the dialogue between Mogadishu and the regions is of outmost importance; the Jubbaland agreement is a great achievement, and it demonstrates how all sides need to show flexibility, and there is a need for political solutions when finalizing the model and details of a federal structure.

(ii) The civil society and the most vulnerable groups such as women, children and minorities must be genuinely included in this work. Message from our Somali Diaspora in Finland: the political representation of women and their role in societal life should receive more attention and must be a priority, also when preparing Somalia for the general elections in 2016.

(iii) Human rights and democracy need to be respected. Only that way truly sustainable foundation for the whole society can be created.

As a regional actor IGAD has demonstrated to be an important vehicle for the developments in Somalia. Finland, as a contributing state to IGAD, is keen to see IGAD to continuinely involved in order to build a prosperous Somalia and Horn of Africa.

Finland will double the financial support given to Somalia. During 2013-2016 our total aid, including support to NGOs, is expected to be around 35 millions. Out of this the available non-committed new funding is 15 MEUR. In addition we will continue our humanitarian aid based on needs. On top of our pledge of today, Finland is willing to act even faster if the new financial architecture will be in place and the situation on the ground makes it possible. Finland will continue to support inclusive politics, accountable local governance, improved health conditions and, importantly, the role of women and children in society.