Ombudsman of Armenia Promotes Human Rights by Respect of Law and Constitution

Chairwoman Hautala met on 17th of November with the Ombudsman of Armenia, Mr Armen Harutunyan, to discuss the state of human rights and democracy in this country. [:]


In the country, where police brutality in custody, curbing demonstrations escapes accountability and activities of opposition supporters remain curtailed, the role of the Ombudsman in promoting human rights, democracy and rule of law is vital.


His support for freedom of speech and independent media is equally important, as even during last year many journalists have suffered from violent attacks and broadcasting licenses of independent media outlets have been refused.


In his work, Mr Harutunyan has aimed to reflect government actions and inactions in question against Armenian legal or constitutional framework. This approach has won him appreciation not only in Armenia, but amongst his colleagues abroad. Chairwoman Hautala assured Mr Harutunyan of her strong support to his efforts and hoped that further cooperation between his office and the European Parliament be developed in the future.


Ombudsman Harutunyan addressed the also European Parliament South Caucasus Delegation during his visit to Brussels, on Monday 15th of November.