Obamalle ydinaseettomuudesta

Allekirjoitin tähän mennessä 64 mepin tukeman kirjeen Yhdysvaltain presidentille. Kirjeessä tuetaan Barack Obaman näkemystä ydinaseettomasta maailmasta[:] ja toivotaan hänen tämän ajattelun mukaisesti vetävän pois amerikkalaiset ydinaseet Euroopasta.

Mr President,We, the undersigned Members of the European Parliament, share your vision of a nuclear free world andwholeheartedly support your initiative to give nuclear disarmament new momentum. It is imperative that this momentum is shared and sustained in order to make the upcoming NPT Review Conference a success and to build on the commitments made in 2000.

We believe that the elimination of all tactical nuclear weapons in Europe is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed by the US and Russia, following the successful completion of the treaty on strategic nuclear weapons. It is the sincere wish of the majority of people in Europe that tactical nuclear weapons are withdrawn from Europe and eliminated.

As a first step we call on you to withdraw the remaining US nuclear weapons from our territories.

This step would be an important confidence-building measure. It would also strengthen the NPT by addressing the disarmament obligation contained in Article VI that applies to all states. It would greatly underpin arguments for compliance to the non-proliferation articles in the treaty, by demonstrating that European countries do not see nuclear weapons as a addition to their security.