Kazakstanista ydinjätteen hautausmaa?

Heidi Hautala allekirjoitti Kazakstanin vihreän puolueen Rukhaniyatin ja alueen ympäristöjärjestöjen (mm. Eco Forum NGO KZ, International Ecological Association Of East Women, Movement Nevada Semey, Regional Ecological Center of Central Asia ja Zhasil Zhapiraktar) organisoiman kirjeen kysymyksistä liittyen Kazakstaniin perustettavasta kansainvälisestä ydinpolttoaineen varastosta. [:]



President of Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Nazarbaev

Minister of Industry and New technology Kazakhstan, Mr. Isekeshev

Minister of Environment of Kazakhstan, Mr. Ashimov

Secretary-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Mr. Saudabaev

Committee of Ecology and Nature Mazhilis of Kazakhstan Parliament, Mr. Nigmatulin

Committee of Legislation and Judicial and Legal Reform Mazhilis of Kazakhstan Parliament, Mr. Mukashev

President of JSC «NAK « Kazatomprom», Mr. Shkolnik

General Director of IAEA, Mr. Yukio Amano


From Green Party Rukhaniyat, EcoForum NGO Kazakhstan, citizens and social organizations of the country

Ecological society of the country appreciates and acknowledges the exclusive importance of initiatives of Kazakhstan in the field of global security and nuclear un-distribution which was announced by Mr. President Nazarbaev on the Global Summit of Nuclear Security in Washington. However we express serious worry concerning to the initiative of locating International Bank of Nuclear Fuel (IBNF) at the territory of Kazakhstan under the control of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It is known that the Government of Kazakhstan, IAEA and USA carry on negotiations about establishment of IBNF using the infrastructures of former Semipalatinsk nuclear polygon and/or JSC “Ulbinskiy Metallurgicheskiy Zavod” in Ust-Kamenogorsk.[1]

Taking to consideration the fact that the initiative of IBNF establishment affects on Constitutional and Ecological rights and interests of country citizens, independent experts, scientists and warring society have some questions, which requires further explanation:

1. On the base of which concrete documents and strategic estimations was developed the initiative of IBNF establishment in Kazakhstan? Was there any pre-project development of the current IBNF Project? If “yes”, then what is the concrete economical and ecological benefits for population of the country and in general, what Kazakhstan will get from the realization of the Project?

2. If there were any GEE (Government Ecological Expertise) and EIE (Estimation of Influence for the Environment) of the IBNF Project, if that Project was presented for the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan, for Parliament and for Security Council? If “yes” could you present those materials for us in order to study and provide independent expertise?

3. What will the system of management and exploitation of the nuclear fuel? Won’t there lead as a consequence import and developing of HLRW (High Level Radioactive Waste) of used nuclear fuel and LMLRW (Low and Middle Level Radioactive Waste) in unlimited and out of control value? Is Kazakhstan ready to realize such a big Project with the current condition of the system and security activities, taking to consideration that locating of such kind of objects could be followed by potential threat of nuclear terrorism?

4. Who is exactly responsible in Kazakhstan for the current Project and who will control the process of realization of the project and which intellectual resources will be involved in the process?

5. Who will accomplish the security of the Project? Won’t this Project followed by entrance of branch of armed forces of USA and/or of any other foreign Governments, and organizing of other foreign armed object at the sovereign territory of our country?

6. How will be solved the contradictions with the current National Legislation and International instruments which are ratified by country, and with the norms of Kazakhstan Constitution during realization of the Project of International Bank of Nuclear Fuel developing in Kazakhstan?

7. How will be provided the transparency of the Project involving process of developing IBNF?

8. How will be provided the transparency of the corresponded Contract of IBNF between IAEA and Government of Kazakhstan?

The absence of needed information about the process of negotiations and Government’s plans doesn’t allow make necessary conclusions concerning the degree of economy expediency, technical readiness of the Project, and ecological and national security and political stability of the country. This discriminates writes of citizens and social organizations upon the access for information, taking part of society at the process of decision making and access to justice concerning the issue of Environment, guaranteed by Orchus Convince, which was ratified by Kazakhstan on the 23rd of October 2000 and doesn’t correspond to the Democracy Principals of Government Development on the current period, that can play negative role for the image of Kazakhstan in condition of international society development.

We apply to the President of Kazakhstan with the given questions and we are sure that that type of decisions should be made in open way, with widest taking part of society with the Social convention, Parliament convention and even with worldwide referendum!