Interview at Armenian H1 channel on the genocide

Jerevan_memorial_4Heidi Hautala said that the European parliament is very likely to adopt a resolution to commemorate the Centennial of the Genocide before April 24.

“I hope that Turkey would have the capability to deal with its own past and let academics and researchers discover the historical truth. That would be the way forward in the Armenian-Turkish relations.”

“What we can do is to accommodate some confidence building initiatives. The ball is in Turkey’s court now and we hope that this process will go on, because the rapprochement will give a mush of positive energy to the whole region.”

She also said the fact that Turkey decided to organise Gallipoli commemoration events on April 24, is a signal that Turkey still has to work with its own past, and Armenia could have expected a different kind of response.

Touching upon the issue of Azerbaijani delegation’s non-participation in Yerevan session, Hautala stressed that together with her colleagues they tried very hard to convince Azerbaijan to send a delegation.

“It’s a loss that they did not come… We are bringing forward a very good initiative where Armenian and Azeri youth could talk with each other in a peaceful way about the possibilities of conflict settlement. Euronest could serve as a platform for such confidence-building.”

She told that during Yerevan session resolutions, in particular, concerning the Ukraine crisis and Russian aggression in Ukraine and Armenian Genocide Centennial as well will be adopted.

Armenian TV H1 in its «Interview» program on 16 March.