Human Rights in Focus in Egypt

Office of Chairwoman Hautala met on 11th of November with Egyptian Deputy Assistant Minister for Human Rights, Ambassador Laila Baha’a Eldine to discuss human rights situation in Egypt and their cooperation with the European Parliament in this field. [:]


While contacts between the European Parliament and the Egyptian representatives have been frequent and cooperative, several issues of concern remain. Emergency law and arbitrary detentions, for example, have remained high on the agenda of the European Parliament.


Most attention at the meeting was given to the resolutions adopted by the European Parliament on human rights situation in Egypt. The resolutions are not intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of a human rights situation in any country, rather to point out distinct issues that are in urgent need of attention, the office of the Chairwoman explained.


Representatives of Egyptian mission appreciated this, yet hoped that more effort was made by the European Parliament to cooperate during the drafting process with the representatives of the countries subject to such a resolution. Due to the nature of the process, it is however not possible to ensure this, the office of Chairwoman concluded.