Hautala Opens the Second Gypsy Spirit Project Ceremony

Chairwoman Hautala opened the second Gypsy Spirit Czech Republic Ceremonial on 10th of December. [:]

The Gypsy Spirit project and Award are aimed at promoting the efforts in improving the situation of Roma and seek to raise public awareness of the activities carried out by organizations and individuals to promote the social integration of the Roma minority and improve their lives.

Chairwoman Hautala was honored to have the event held under her auspices and to have asked to open the ceremony in Prague.


In her greeting she expressed her delight for the Prague Gypsy Spirit being held under her auspices. She underlined that Gypsy Spirit is a unique cultural initiative by Roma community. “Culture is the best language against prejudices, assumptions and mistrust, and I hope this project will be fruitful to work for equality, understanding and mutual respect,” she furthermore underlined.


The event coincided with the International Day of Human Rights. To commemorate this occasion she raised in particular the universal right for education. “Romani children across Europe continue to suffer discrimination in schools and in their access to education. This discrimination cannot be tolerated anymore inside the European Union. Education, culture and participation in the society are the keys to integration and inclusion,” she emphasised.