Hautala condemns Shaikh execution

Chairwoman Hautala would like to join Jerzy Buzek, the President of European Parliament, in expressing deep concern over the recent human rights violations in China.[:]In December Mr Akmal Shaikh, a British citizen, was executed despite widespread pleas for clemency on grounds
of his mental illness and in the same month internationally renowned human rights and democracy activist Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to eleven years of imprisonment for inciting subversion of state power because he drafted the “Charter 8” which advocates democracy. Meanwhile, the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize laureate in 2008, human rights and democracy advocate Hu Jia remains in detention.

I call the Chinese authorities to guarantee the protection of fundamental rights of Mr Liu Xiaobo and of all of those who exercise their freedom of speech in China. I furthermore call the authorities to ensure that Mr Liu Xiaobo and Mr Hu Jia are treated humanely while in
detention and fully agree with the President of European Parliament that their release would promote good cooperation in the human rights field between the EU and China.