Gambia Must Guarantee the Safety of Journalist Saikou Ceesay

Chairwoman Hautala sent today a letter to Ambassador of Gambia, H.E. Mamour Jagne, urging the authorities to guarantee the safety of Mr Ceesay and his ability to carry out his work without fear of reprisal, after he was threatened on 3rd of February:[:]

Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to you hoping to hold a meeting with you to discuss the situation journalist, Mr Saikou Ceesay. I have received reports that he has been receiving threats and that this would seem to be related to his work for a Daily News journal in Gambia.

On 3rd of January Mr Ceesay had published a critical article on the Daily News concerning the running of the new private university in Gambia. I have understood that he was threatened outside his home on 3rd of February by three men, but escaped unharmed. It has been reported that Mr Ceesay is in hiding since the events.

Mr Ceesay filed a complaint on 8th of February at the Brusubi police station and following this, an investigation was opened. I would hope that the investigation would pay due attention to the fact that Mr Ceesay was reportedly able to make positive identification of at least one of the attackers.  

I appeal to your authorities in strongest terms to ensure the safety of Mr Ceesay and his ability to carry out his work without fear of reprisal. Of course, it is also vitally important that the opened investigation be carried out with diligence and efficiency.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Heidi Hautala