European Parliament condemns Human Rights Abuses in North Korea

PRESS RELEASE – Strasbourg, 8 July 2010[:]

Human Rights in North Korea

European Parliament condemns Human Rights Abuses in North Korea


European Parliament adopted resolution today on the dismal human rights situation in the North Korea. The resolution calls for establishment of a UN Commission of Inquiry to assess human rights violations in North Korea for the EU to appoint an EU special representative on North Korea.

At the occasion of the European Parliament debate, Heidi Hautala, President of the Human Rights Subcommittee, declares:

“When debating the relations between the EU and North Korea, we must be well clear on the fact that North Korea is the country with probably the worst human rights record in the world. Indeed, the Human Rights Subcommittee received credible and shocking evidence of the wide extent of the state organised crimes by the state of DPRK in our hearing in April. Thorough and independent investigation into these abuses is long overdue.”

“The EU cannot leave this matter unrecognised any longer. We must speak out for the millions of North Korean citizens who are forced to survive in one large prison camp that is called a state of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” she added.