European Court on Human Rights Prevents Extradition of Chechen Refugees to Russia.

The fourth section of European Court on Human Rights decided in its preliminary decision on 23rd of November that Slovakia can not extradite two Chechen’s refugees[:] Ali Ibrahimov and Anzor Chentiev to Russia.

Mr  Ibrahimov and Mr Chentiev have been in prison in Slovakia since 2006 due to an arrest request from the Russian Prosecutor General’s office.

In its decision of 23rd of November the Court informs that the decision of this interim measure is in place until further notice.

Chairwoman welcomes the preliminary decision against extradition as an engouraging sign that the European Convention of Human Rights really does ensure protection for the vulnerable and those in greatest need.

On 14th of September 2010, the European Court of Human Rights decided to allow Slovakia to extradite the refugees to Russia while stating that “Russia has guaranteed to provide a fair trial and not use capital punishment”.

However, the latest preliminary court’s decision was based on a new testimony, that confirmed torture of a person extradited to Russia in the past and is valid for indefinite period.