EU and Inter-American Human Rights Commission Should Increase Cooperation

Chairwoman Hautala met on 5 October with the Inter-American Human Rights System representatives[:], Felipe Gonzales, Chilean Scholar and Inter-American Commission of Human Rights President, Jorge Taiana, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina and current Special Representative of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) and Santiago Canton, Executive Secretary of the IACHR.

Relationship between the EU and the Organisation of American States is good but there is room for improved cooperation. The Inter-American Commission of Human Rights is the main human rights institution of the Organisation of American States.

Chairwoman underlined the vital role of the Commission in promoting human rights in the Americas. Advances have been achieved in areas of fight against impunity, promotion of women’s rights and freedom of speech. Likewise, the Court’s contribution to the international human rights jurisprudence is also remarkable.

Chairwoman and the representatives discussed how the EU and the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights could support each other in promotion of international justice and accountability. Particular attention was given to the lack of resources and political resistance towards the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights.

Chairwoman Hautala noted that as the EU is in the process of acceding to the European Convention on Human Rights, enhancing cooperation between these two regional human rights institutions is timely. Mutual support could be of great value to both Courts, she emphasised.