Do not execute Mr Ja’far Kazemi in Iran

Ms Hautala has learned that Mr Ja’far Kazemi is at imminent risk of execution in Iran and urgently appeals to authorities to not carry out the death penalty.[:]

Mr Kazemi is accused of participation in mass anti – government demonstrations that took place at the end of last year. He was arrested on 18 or 19 September, during the intensive period of the demonstrations, and has since been sentenced to death. We have learned today that he could be executed at any time. According to Amnesty International, he is not accused of committing any violent acts but of “enmity against God” and perhaps also of “propaganda against the system”.

Chairwoman Hautala strongly urges the Iranian authorities to not execute Mr Ja’far Kazemi and to further refrain from executing any other person for expressing their views or taking part in these demonstrations.