Concern over the Disappearance of Mr Jiang Feng

Ms Hautala wrote on 11 May a letter to the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the EU expressing concern over the disappearance of Mr Jiang Feng.


Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to you concerning the treatment of Mr Jiang Feng.

On 18 February 2010, Mr Jiang Feng travelled to Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport aiming to board Continental Airlines Flight #CO86 to Newark, U.S.A, where his wife was scheduled to meet him.

Inquiries with the Continental Airline confirmed that Mr Jiang Feng did not board the plane and his luggage was removed from the aircraft because he never arrived at the gate, although his friends witnessed him pass through security checkpoint. He did not call back to his wife and friends and his mobile phone has gone unanswered.

Given Mr Jiang’s past imprisonment for practicing Falung Gong, it is widely believed that Mr Jiang Feng was abducted by security agents and is being interrogated and abused in custody.

Dear Mr. Ambassador, I would therefore be grateful if you could inform your authorities of my strong interest in the situation of  Mr Jiang Feng. In this context I would very much hope that his right to freedom of movement be fully respected permitting him to reunite with his wife and family.

I have informed Mr Jerzy Buzek, the President of the European Parliament and Mr Crescienzio Rivellini, Chairman of the European Parliament delegation for relations with China, of this letter so that this matter can be discussed in the framework of our well established inter parliamentary relations including the hearing on human rights in China the Subcommittee on Human Rights will organise on 15 July 2010.

Yours sincerely,
Heidi Hautala


A copy of the letter was presented to Mei Xuan, erhu virtuoso and wife of Jiang Feng