Civil Liberties Must Be Part of Modernization in Russia

The European Parliament today voted for a resolution on the outcome of the 31 May – 1 June Russia – EU summit in Rostov. [:]

Commenting on the summit and resolution, Ms Hautala underlined that “Despite the shortcomings of the summit and the resolution, I am pleased that the Parliament has today nevertheless insisted that the Russian authorities put an end to violence against human rights defenders and to combat impunity for violence in the North Caucasus”

Green MEP Werner Schulz, Vice-Chairman of the EU-Russia Delegation of the European Parliament, noted that the debates and discussions about the Summit in Rostov during the last few days showed clearly that the atmosphere between Russia and the EU has at least improved and that a constructive and pragmatic approach exists. However, no tangible results were achieved during the summit.

When speaking about the Modernization Partnership or visa liberalization, issues such as human rights or the rule of law have to be an essential part of all agreements.  The modernization of Russia requires a free society.