Chairwoman Strongly Condemns anti-Homosexual Press in Uganda

Chairwoman Hautala expressed great alarm and strongly condemned the anti-homosexual press in Uganda at the meeting of the Subcommittee on Human Rights on 25th of October. [:] 

In Uganda one of the main newspapers, called Rolling Stone, has published pictures and addresses of 100 homosexuals and urged the readers to find and hang them. I condemn this in most strongest terms and urge the government of Uganda to ensure the safety of these people. I furthermore calls the High Representative Baroness Ashton, the EU Council, the Commission and the Member States to analyse the situation in Uganda in relation persecution on grounds of sexual orientation and to take concerted international action to promote respect for these fundamental human rights.

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution concerning the draft anti-homosexual legislation in Uganda on 17. December . Even though this draft law has not been adopted I have asked the secretariat for advice as how to follow up on this resolution, should the situation not begin to improve.