Chairwoman Hautala congratulates Mr Guillermo Fariñas for the Sakharov Prize

Mr Fariñas was nominated for the 2010 European Parliament Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in the name of all those who fight in Cuba for freedom and human rights. [:]

He has a long career in journalism promoting democracy and human rights in Cuba. One of the leading voices of the Cuban opposition journalism, he has continued to struggle towards openness and freedom of expression by written word and hunger strikes. He has undertaken hunger strikes also to protest against jailing of prisoners of conscience in Cuba.


It is most timely that all the political prisoners in Cuba be immediately freed and that they be allowed to live in their home country without fear of persecution, Ms Hautala stressed.


In all four corners of the world the struggle for freedom of thought is fought with vigor and commitment. With this Prize, it is most humbling for us to be able to honor the courageous people, such as Mr Guillermo Fariñas, who take great risks to promote the rights of others. In a world where human rights are in need of a more staunch defense than ever, their work is simply indispensible, Chairwoman Hautala stated.


Mr Fariñas is also a recipient of the 2006 Cyber-Freedom Prize from Reporters Without Borders.