CAR Authorities Must Arrest Al-Bashir or Bar Him Entry in the Country

Chairwoman Hautala calls for the Central African Republic (CAR) to bar Mr Omar Al-Bashir, Sudanese President from entering or to arrest him upon his arrival to the territory of the country. According to various sources Mr Al-Bashir has been invited to the 50th anniversary ceremony of the independence of CAR on 1st of December.[:]

Allowing Mr Al-Bashir to enter the territory of CAR, casts big shadow over the pledge of justice and accountability by the authorities, Chairwoman Hautala noted.

CAR is also subject to an investigation by the ICC, regarding serious crimes committed during the 2002-2003 rebellion.

Mr Al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Two warrants, first in March 2009 for war crimes and crimes against humanity and second in July 2010 for genocide, have been issued on grounds of atrocities committed in Darfur.

Central African Republic is a state party to the Rome Statute of the ICC and is thus under legal obligation to execute the warrant of arrest against Al-Bashir.

This is the time for the Member states of the ICC to stand strong in support of the court and condemn violations of the Rome Statute. The Court does not have its own police force, it relies wholly on its member states to deliver the suspects to the dock. If they fail to do this, there really is no one else, Chairwoman underlined.