Assassination of Rwandan Green Party Vice-President

Green MEPs demand investigation into the murder of André Kagwa Rwisereka[:]Rebecca Harms, Co-Chair of the Greens/EFA Group

Eva Joly, President of the Development committee

Heidi Hautala, President of the sub-committee on Human Rights

Isabelle Durant, Vice-President of the European Parliament

“We are shocked and deeply saddened by the death of André Kagwa Rwisereka, first Vice-President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and express our sincere condolences to his family. The assassination of André Kagwa Rwisereka is a tragic event that requires a strong reaction from the Rwandan authorities.

“We call for an immediate, thorough and independent investigation into the circumstances and the reasons for his assassination. The Rwandan authorities cannot ignore a human rights violation of this gravity and must work to ensure that those responsible are identified and that this case does not go unpunished.

 “Recognising that the international community has been somewhat quiet recently about the Human Rights situation in this country, the Greens in the European Parliament believe that this event is only the tip of the ice-berg. Therefore the Greens and the international community must urgently seize upon this nagging question in this part of the world.

“To this end, the Greens will present an urgency resolution demanding political monitoring and a thorough investigation into the murder of André Kagwa Rwisereka and the Human Rights situation in the country.”