Aseidenvientikielto Sveitsiin

Heidi Hautala lähetti terveisensä sveitsiläiselle rauhanjärjestölle (Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee) ennen 29.11. järjestettävää äänestystä, jolloin päätetään toteutuuko aseidenvientikielto Sveitsissä.[:]

“I am following with great interest the referendum in Switzerland on 29.11. The responsible people of Switzerland have now the opportunity to be a strong model for the rest of the world, if they vote for a ban on war material export from and transit through their country. Their example would then encourage other countries to contribute to stricter arms trade regulations in today’s world of new threats and danger of arm proliferation.

If the ban on war material export is adopted, I will be more than happy to speak on behalf of nomination of the Swiss electorate in its entirety for the Nobel Peace Prize.”