Alarm over Crackdown at the Tibetan Kirti Monastery in New Delhi

Chairwoman Hautala together with the Vice-President of European Parliament, Mr Edward McMillan-Scott, send an urgent appeal to High Representative Ashton concerning hunger strike and crackdown at the Kirti Monastery in New Delhi. [:]
Dear High Representative Ashton,


We are writing to you concerning reports that three young Tibetans from the Tibetan Youth Congress have been on a hunger strike in the Indian capital of New Delhi since 25th April 2011, demanding religious freedom for monks of Kirti Monastery in Ngaba region of Amdo Province and the withdrawal of Chinese troops from the Monastery.

According to the reports we have received, they are today on their 16th day of hunger strike and their health seems to be deteriorating. Their situation is exacerbated by the high temperatures, rising up to 40°C.

We are deeply concerned over their health and fear that their lives might be at risk. We therefore urge the EU to take urgent measures to persuade the relevant authorities to engage with the protesters to ensure their safety and good health.

We recall that time is of essence and no delay should be allowed.

As you must be aware, the Kirti Monastery has suffered of a military crackdown and remains under blockade since 16 March. According to reliable sources, hundreds of monks have disappeared, while 49 of those have been identified. We attach a list of the names of those 49 monks to this letter and ask you to liaise with the Indian and Chinese authorities in order to identify the whereabouts and ensure the wellbeing of these people.




Heidi Hautala

Chairwoman of European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights


Edward McMillan-Scott

Vice-President of the European Parliament