20:s EU-Norja parlamentaarinen kokous

Alla Euroopan parlamentin tiedote 20. EU-Norja parlamentaarisesta kokouksesta 19.2.2003 Brysselissä.

Heidi Hautala valtuuskunnan puheenjohtajana alusti keskustelua ETA sopimuksen tulevaisuudesta EUn laajentuessa. Komissio on aloittanut neuvottelut ETA -sopimuksen yhtäaikaisesta laajentumisesta ja esittänyt samalla EFTA-maiden Norjan, Islannin ja Liechtensteinin rahoitusosuuden merkittävää nostamista. Komission esitys EUn koheesiopolitiikkaan osallistumisesta jakaa kantoja EFTA-maissa.



Brussels, 19 February 2003

The 20th EU-Norway Interparliamentary Meeting was held in Brussels today. The Norwegian delegation, which was led by Mr Thorbjørn JAGLAND (Labour Party), met the EP delegation led by Mrs Heidi HAUTALA (Green, Finland).

The two delegations discussed the future of Europe based on briefings by Mr Jens-Peter BONDE, EP member on the Convention on the Future of Europe, and Mr Inge LØNNING (Conservative Party and President of the Nordic Council).

Mr Haakon BLANKENBORG (Labour Party) and Mr Bartho PRONK (EPP-ED, NL) briefed members on the European Security and Defence Policy (ESPD). The delegations discussed the future rôle of NATO and the relations to the USA in the light of the Iraq crisis.

Mrs Diana WALLIS (ELDR, UK) presented the New Action Plan for the Northern Dimension and Mr Finn Martin VALLERSNES (Conservative Party) underlined the importance of the co-operation between Norway and north-west Russia.

The delegation finally dealt with the enlargement of the European Union and the perspectives for the EEA Agreement. Mrs HAUTALA and Mr JAGLAND introduced the topic stating that the EU enlargement was in its final stage with EU referenda coming up in most of the acceding countries.

In the ongoing negotiations for adapting the EEA Agreement in the context of the EU enlargement, the contributions from the EFTA countries to the EU cohesion funds play an essential rôle.

The next Interparliamentary meeting is scheduled to take place during spring 2004 in Norway.

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