Team is complete

Heidi Hautala’s team in the European Parliament is finally fully-numbered.

Mr Heikki Raappana was selected as policy advisor to assist Heidi in Brussels in the Budget and Legal Affairs Committees, and in the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly. Heikki is finalising his additional studies in Munich Intellectual Property Law Center in Germany starting his work in the Parliament on 1 October 2014.

Ms Laura Nordström is Heidi’s policy advisor in Helsinki where her main responsibilities are the Development Committee issues and stakeholder relations in Finland. She is also the officer of International Affairs of the Greens in Finland. Previously Laura has worked as special advisor for Heidi in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the European Parliament and the Finnish Parliament.

Ms Laura Järvenpää is in charge of the office administration, in addition to which she supports Heidi in the Development Committee in Brussels. She has previously work for MEP Satu Hassi.

Ms Mari Saarteinen is in charge of communications. She assisted Green MEPs in communications before, and now returned to the Parliament from communications consultant’s post in Helsinki.

Mr Tero Suoniemi supports the Brussels team for a period of six months as a trainee. He studies Civil Society at the University of Jyväskylä.

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