Commission announcement of due diligence legislation

Press Release:

Yesterday, 29th of April 2020, Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders announced, in a webinar hosted by Greens/EFA MEP Heidi Hautala, that the Commission will introduce a legislative initiative next year on mandatory due diligence for companies.

Heidi Hautala MEP, Greens/EFA Coordinator in the International Trade Committee, and the chair of the European Parliament’s Responsible Business Conduct Working Group comments:

“I am delighted at the commitment Commissioner Reynders showed towards protection of human rights and environment through EU-wide and mandatory due diligence legislation with an enforcement mechanism, applicable across all sectors. I welcome the Commissioner’s view that sustainable corporate governance and due diligence are an essential part of the EU’s recovery package. We should not rebuild the old economy, but a new one that is greener, more sustainable and more resilient.”

“The long awaited commitment from the Commissioner opens up an opportunity for all to start defining how such ground-breaking legislation should look like. The already established cooperation between MEPs, civil society and responsible businesses can now enter into a new exciting stage.”

Background: The legislative proposal on mandatory due diligence is due next year, EU Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders announced during a webinar of the European Parliament’s informal Responsible Business Conduct Working Group yesterday (Wednesday 29 April).

On 24 February 2020, the EU Commission published a Study on Due Diligence Requirements Through the Supply Chains. The study confirmed that voluntary measures have not been effective in encouraging companies to identify, account and mitigate negative human rights and environmental impacts in their supply chains.

The study and a recording of the webinar are available online on the website of the European Parliament Working Group on Responsible Business Conduct.