The Green/EFA group is committed to transparency and accountability. We believe that citizens have a right to know what their political representatives are doing and that they should be able to see and control how power is being exercised in Brussels.

This is why we have decided, as a first step, to publish lists of meetings that we have with outside lobbyists and interest groups, using a tool which exports meetings from our calendars and publishes them online. LobbyCal is open-source so it is free for everyone to use.

We do not publish meetings held with endangered political dissidents, whistle-blowers or journalists.

Date End FirstName LastName Partners Title Tags


October 2015

9.10. Mari Kamaja, Miltton Networks, Helsinki
12.10. Elinkeinoelämän keskusliittto, Brussels
13.10. One, U2 concert, Antwerp
13.10 The Swedish Film and Television Cooperation Committee (FTVS) (avustaja), Brussels
14.10. Matleena Virkkunen ja Jussi Koskela, Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Brussels
14.10. Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto (avustaja), Brussels
14.10. AEPO-ARTIS (avustaja), Brussels
20.10. Teollisuuden Voima Oyj ja Pohjolan Voima Oy, Brussels
20.10. Daniel Turner, Born free foundation (avustaja), Brussels
20.10. Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto (avustaja), Brussels

September 2015

1.9. Monika Nogaj (European Added Value Unit Directorate for Impact Assessment and European Added Value), Brussels
8.9.  dinner, The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), Strasbourg
14.9. Eric Witte, Open Society Foundation, Brussels
14.9. Pekka Ristelä, FinUnions, Brussels, (assistant)
15.9. Leo Baumann, Nokia, Brussels, (assistant)
22.9. Mr Sinaceur, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Brussels
22.9. Dogs & Cats Alliance ja Parliament Magazine, Brussels, (assistant)
23.9. Claire Davidson (Davidson Ryan Dore), representing Mr Hojeij of Commisimpex, Brussels
23.9. Ruotsin EU-edustusto, Brussels, (assistant)
23.9. Einkeinoelämänliitto ja European Policy Center, Brussels, (assistant)
25.9. Mikko Holm, Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Brussels (assistant)
29.9. Tero Tolonen (maatalousministeriö) ja Kirsi Heinonen (Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union)

August 2015

31.8. Hongchang Liu, International Human Right Dissemination, Brussels

July 2015

14.7. Tanja Lähdetluoma, VR and Kai Keski-Korhonen, KK Consulting, Brussels (assistant)
14.7. Electric Yerevan discussion, IPHR and OSEPI, Brussels (assistant)
13.7. David Pollick and Anatoly Mikhailov, European Humanities University, Brussels
3.7. Breakfast, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Brussels (assistant)
1.7. Michael Hansmann, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Brussels
1.7. Mikayel Hovhannisyan, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, Brussels

June 2015

30.6. ECTA Conference, Brussels (assistant)
29.6. Lunch with champion SRHR MPs, Brussels
25.6. Artak Zakaryan, Brussels
24.6. OSEPI, Brussels
24.6. Madeleine Majorenko and Thomas Seiler, EEAS, Brussels
23.6. BBQ evening, Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Brussels (assistant)
22.6. 20th anniversary of the European Ombudsman, Brussels
17.6. Rachel Shub and Jason Hammontree, U.S. Mission to the European Union, Brussels
17.6. Cecilia Pellosniemi and Janne Hälinen, SYL, Brussels
16.6. Lunch event with Philippe Douste-Blazy on innovative financing for development, Brussels
16.6. Knowledge 4 Innovation/ Nokia, Brussels (assistant)
9.6. Lena Neverovskaya, Director of the Moscow School of Political Studies, Strasbourg
5.6. Lunch, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Brussels (assistant)
3.6. Federation of European Publishers, Brussels – assistant
3.6. Discussion on TTIP, Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Brussels (assistant)
3.6. Elena Zacharenko, Marie Stopes, Brussels (assistant)
3.6. Haykak Arshamyan, Regional studies center foundation Armenia, Brussels
2.6. Valentina Barbagallo, ONE, Brussels (assistant)
2.6. Rae Verkkoranta, Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Brussels (assistant)

May 2015

29.5. Seminar, European women’s lobby, Brussels (assistant)
29.5. Informal training on children’s rights, Plan and Eurochild, Brussels (assistant)
28.5. Heli Heinonen, Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Brussels (assistant)
28.5. Lunch, Municipality Finance, Brussels
27.5. Dagmar Schumacher, UN Women, Brussels
27.5. Lunch, Finnish export federations, Brussels (assistant)
27.5. Breakfast, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Brussels (assistant)
27.5. Concorde, Brussels – assistant
26.5. Reception, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Brussels (assistant)
26.5. Meeting on TTIP, Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Brussels
21.5. Breakfast, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Brussels  (assistant)
20.5. Philippe Douste-Blazy, UNITAID, Strasbourg
19.5. Microsoft, Brussels (assistant)
18.5. Pekka Ristelä, Finunions, Brussels (assistant)
12.5. NSPA breakfast seminar, Brussels (assistant)
11.5. CSC, Brussels (assistant)
8.5. IFRRO, Brussels (assistant)
7.5. Wendy Flores, Nicaraguan Centre for Human Rights, Brussels
6.5. European Women’s Lobby, Brussels
6.5. C4C, Copyright and the Digital Single Market Strategy, Brussels (assistant)
5.5. Leo Baumann, Nokia EU Representative Office, Brussels

April 2015
24.4. Lunch, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Brussels (assistant)
23.4. Lorenzo Allio, ERF, Brussels
22.4. Delegation, Ogaden and Oromia regions of Ethiopia, Brussels
22.4. Robert Turner, UNRWA, Brussels
15.4. IFPI Policy Breakfast, Brussels (assistant)
15.4. Sami Lahdensuo, CMI, Brussels (assistant)
14.4. AMO and ACGRC event “Eastern Partnership Trends before Riga”, Brussels (assistant)
14.4. Emily O’Reilly, European Ombudsman, Brussels
14.4. Simo Tiainen, Office of Finnish Agriculture and Cooperatives, Brussels
10.4. Jaakko Kangasniemi and Tapio Wallenius, Finnfund, Helsinki (assistant)
1.4. Tanja Remes, HY, Helsinki (assistant)

March 2015

30.3. The British Embassy, Helsinki (assistant)
25.3. Outi Ervasti, EK, Helsinki (assistant)
25.3. Riikka Tähtivuori, EK, Brussels (assistant)
20.3. Anne Pönni, World Vision, Helsinki (assistant)
20.3. Sari Vuorinen ja Kirsi Heinonen, EUE, Brussel (assistant)
17.3. Heli Heinonen, EUE, Brussels (assistant)
17.3. Nuclear Transparency Watch and Greenpeace, Brussels (assistant)
17.3. Ante Wessels, EDRi, Brussels (assistant)
17.3. Toni Tiala and Sami Napari, EUE, Brussels (assistant)
12.3. Rilli Lappalainen, Kehys, Helsinki (assistant)
12.3. Pauliina Saares, Kepa, Helsinki (assistant)
12.3. Ministry of Justice and EUE, Brussels (assistant)
3.3. Simo Tiainen, Office of Finnish Agriculture and Cooperatives, Brussels (assistant)
3.3. Maria Jauhiainen, Industrial Employees, Brussels (assistant)
3.3. Tytti Peltonen, Metsä Group, Brussels (assistant)
3.3. ISDS event, Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Brussels (assistant)

February 2015

24.2. EUE event “Will TTIP challenge the European Model? – A Nordic Perspective”, Brussels (assistant)
24.2. Rae Verkkoranta, Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Brussels (assistant)
20.2. Pauliina Saares, Niina Mäki, Tuuli Hietaniemi, Jouni Nissinen, Kepa, Helsinki (assistant)
19.2. Representative of Iran’s Kurdish, Helsinki (assistant)

January 2015

30.1. Lunch event with ministers Ihalainen and Vapaavuori and Finnish MEPs, Helsinki
30.1. Arkady Moshes, Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki
28.1. Ambassador Fuad Isgandarov, Head of Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the European Union, Brussels
28.1. Meeting with reporters of Radio France, Brussels
27.1. Joe Moran and Lina Christensen, Eurogroup for Animals, and Andreea Petre-Concalves, The Brooke, Brussels
22.1. Tseten Samdup Chhoekyapa, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Joel Hirv, International Campaign for Tibet, Brussels
22.1. Roxana Cristescu and Sami Lahdensuo, CMI, Brussels (assistant)
22.1. Office of Tibet in Brussels, Brussels (assistant)
22.1. ICT, Brussels (assistant)
22.1. Concorde, Brussels (assistant)
21.1. Rikke Nöhrlind and Maia Ingvardson, International Dalit Solidarity Network, Brussels (assistant)
21.1. Exchange of views with DEVE MEPs and Eric Solheimin, Director of DAC of the OECD, Brussels
20.1. Peter Schaffler, Marie Stopes Int, Brussels (assistant)
20.1. Cooperatives Europe, Brussels (assistant)
16.1. Meeting of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland task force on lotteries and Finnish MEPs, Brussels (assistant)
16.1. Mikko Holm, Permanent Representation of Finland in the EU, Brussels (assistant)
16.1. Satu Vasamo-Koskinen, EK, Brussels (assistant)
14.1. Tytti Peltonen, Metsä Group, Strasbourg (assistant)
12.1. Exchange of views with AFET MEPs and Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg
7.1. Bernardus Smulders, Head of Cabinet of the European Commission First Vice-President Timmermans, Brussels

December 2014

18.12. Alexander Sjödin, Human Rights House Foundation, Strasbourg
17.12. Victor Dolidze, Chairman of the European Integration Committee of the Georgian Parliament, Strasbourg
17.12. Breakfast with Commissioner Katainen and Finnish MEPs, Strasbourg
12.12. Discussion event hosted by Päivi Räsänen, Minister of Interior of Finland, Helsinki
12.12. Appearing before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Finland, Helsinki
11.12. Jerzy Pomianowski, European Endowment for Democracy, Brussels
10.12. Juris Poikans, Ambassador-at-Large for Eastern Partnership of the Republic of Latvia, Brussels
9.12. Dinner for the Finnish MEPs hosted by Wärtsilä, Brussels
4.12. Ralf Fücks, Heinrich Böll -foundation, Brussels
4.12. Larisa Minasyan, Mariam Matevosyan, Varuzhan Hoktanyan, Sona Ayvazyan and Levon Barseghyan representing Armenian NGOs, Brussels
2.12. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Open Russia movement, Brussels
1.12. Professor Horst Fischer, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Brussels

November 2014

28.11. Astrid Thors, High Commissioner for Minorities of the OESCE, Brussels
26.11. Ian Harden, Secretary-General of the European Ombudsman, Strasbourg
21.11. Lisa Rohweder, WWF Finland, Helsinki
13.11. Maria Jose Martinez, European Parliament Legislative Affairs Unit Director, Brussels
13.11. Chief of Staff of the Finnish Ministry of Justice Tiina Astola, Counsellor of Legislation Eeva Aittoniemi, and Tarja Långström (Permanent Representation of Finland), Brussels
13.11. Emilie Peeters and Teresa Sanchez Ravina, Action for Global Health, Brussels
13.11. Xaviel Sol, Counter Balance / CEE Bankwatch Network, Brussels
12.11. VR Group lunch event for the Finnish MEPs, Brussels
11.11. Lunch event for the Finnish MEPs by Permanent Representative Vierros-Villeneuve, Brussels
10.11. Inga Rosinska, European Parliament Human Rights Unit, Brussels
5.11. Member of the Armenian Parliament Artak Zakaryan, Brussels
4.11. Lunch with representatives of the Grand Committee of the Parliament of Finland, Brussels
3.11. Maryam al-Khawaja, Gulf Center for Human Rights, Brussels
3.11. Lyn Trytsman-Gray, RTL Group, Brussels (assistant)
3.11. Lunch event for the Finnish MEPs by Permanent Representative Vierros-Villeneuve, Brussels

October 2014

23.10. Emmanouil Patavos and Nathan Knight, Interel on behalf of MeadWestWaco, Brussels (assistant)
22.10. Dinner by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Orpo with Finnish MEPs, Strasbourg
22.10. Breakfast with Commissioner Katainen and Finnish MEPs, Strasbourg
16.10. Lunch with Euronest co-chair Tarasiukin kanssa, Brussels
14.10. Google House Brussels technology demo, Brussels (assistant)
14.10. Member of the Armenian Parliament Artak Zakaryan, Brussels
13.10. Sini Eräjää ja Hannah Mowat, FERN, and Anke Shulmeister, WWF, Brussels
13.10. Maria Kurikkala ja Rae Verkkoranta, Finnish permanent representation, Brussels
13.10. Inka Hopsu ja Barbara Lilliu, Finn Church Aid, Brussels
10.10. Lidia Gromadzka, European Friends of Armenia, Brussels
8.10. SITA, Brussels (assistant)
8.10. EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, Brussels (assistant)
7.10. Finnish Foreign Ministry KAVAKU training course, Brussels
7.10. Cambodian civil society activists Piseth Duch, Lam Socheat ja El Sotheary, Brussels – assistant

September 2014

30.9. Pekka Ristelä, FinUnions, Brussels
30.9. Roxana Cristescu, Crisis Management Institute, Brussels
29.9. Leena Linnainmaa, Helsinki Chamber of Commerce, Brussels
24.9. Martti Anttinen, Finnish permament representation, and officials from the Ministry of Finance, Brussels
23.9. Lunch event for the Finnish MEPs by Permanent Representative Vierros-Villeneuve, Brussels
23.9. Catherine Olier ja Hilary Jeune, Oxfam, Brussels
22.9. Chairman Farmanyan of the Armenian Parliamentary Cooperation Commission, Brussels
19.9. Information event on Finnish bioeconomy by the Ministries of Employment and the Economy and Agriculture and Forests, Brussels (assistant)
17.9. Dinner event by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services, Strasbourg (assistant)
17.9. Breakfast with Commissioner Katainen and Finnish MEPs, Strasbourg
16.9. Lunch with Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Toivakka, Strasbourg
16.9. Piia-Noora Kauppi, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Strasbourg
2.9. Edouard Rodier, Doctors Without Borders, Brussels (assistant)

August 2014

19.8. Timo Anttila, Posti Oyj, Helsinki

July 2014
16.7. Permanent Representative of the Republic of Latvia to the European Union, Mr Rüse, Strasbourg
16.7. Eeva Kolehmainen ja Janica Karjula, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Strasbourg
2.7. Kristo Lehtonen, Nokia Oyj, Strasbourg


Tammikuu 2015

28.1. Green European Foundation board meeting, Brussels
28.1. Keynote in the “Munitions at Sea” event, Brussels
27.1. INTA/JURI joint hearing on “TTIP: Regulatory aspects and ISDS“, Brussels
27.1. Hosting a Family Federation of Finland lunch event on SRHR, Brussels
22.1. BusinessEurope workshop “Shareholders’ Rights Revision“, Brussels (assistant)
22.1. Breakfast event “TTIP: Is it good for SMEs?“, Brussels
21.1. DROI/INTA joint hearing “Human rights and technologies“, Brussels (assistant)
16.1. Discussion event “Venäjä ja Eurooppa“, Jyväskylä
16.1. Town hall meeting with Pauliina Rusula, candidate in the Finnish parliamentary elections, Äänekoski
16.1. Metsä Group facility visit for Finnish MEPs, Äänekoski
13.1. Lunch event by the Finnish Forest, Chemistry and Technology Industry of Finland for the Finnish MEPs, Strasbourg (assistant)

Joulukuu 2014

21.12. Hosting a Peace Brunch with Parliamentary candidate Maria Ohisalon, Helsinki
15.12. Dinner presentation of the European Court of Auditors Annual Report, hosted by Ville Itälä for the Finnish MEPs, Starsbourg
5.12. Visit of the unofficial Greens/EFA delegation to Ukraine

November 2014

28.11. “Reaching out to Europe” panel discussion by the Federation of Young European Greens, Tblisi – remote attendance
25.11. “Is there anything left of the Minsk agreements” -keskustelutilaisuuden emännöinti, Strasbourg
24.11. Formal Dinner in honor of Dr Denis Mukwege, Sakharov prize laureate, Strasbourg
21.11. Meeting of the Femmet female influencers’ network, Helsinki
21.11. The Green League panel discussion on security policy, Helsinki
17.-19.11. Greens / European Free Alliance Study Days, Oostende
10.11. Hosting the World Bank Parliamentarians’ Network reception, Brussels
6.11. Svenska dagen, Helsinki
6.11. Speech at the Forestry Days of the Finnish Forest Industries, Helsinki
5.11. Speech at the Arab Women in Parliament -event, Brussels
4.11. Discussion event “New Perspectives on Copyright” by the Belgian authors’ society, Brussels (assistant)
4.11. Discussion on Federalism with Elmar Brok, Chair of AFET, and the Finnish MEPs, Brussels
4.11. Puhe Social Protection Floors -tilaisuudessa, Brussels
3.11. Heinrich Böll -foundation meeting on Hungary, Brussels (assistant)
3.11. European Writers’ Council copyright-seminar “The Value of Writers’ Works“, Brussels

October 2014

30.10. European NGOs for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights -seminar “Putting the Puzzle together: SRHR in a post-2015 world“, Madrid – remote attendance
30.10. RuutiExpo panel discussion on the National Youth Day, Helsinki
29.10. Human rights seminar “Onko ihmisoikeuspolitiikalla virkaa kriisimaissa?” by the European Parliament Information Office Finland, Helsinki
28.10. Panel discussion by the Finnish pensioners’ interest organisation EETU, Helsinki
28.10. Speech at the seminar “Euroopan parlamentti – miten toimii, miten vaikutetaan?” by the Finnish Federation for Social and Health SOSTE, Helsinki
27.10. Panel discussion “Oikeus ja kohtuus mediassa” by the Association of Finnish Lawyers, Helsinki
27.10. Youth employment and mobility event by the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences and the National Union of University Students in Finland, Helsinki
24.10. Finnish EU officials’ meeting with Prime Minister Stubb, Brussels (assistant)
21.10. Lunch event by Veikkaus (Finnish Lottery) for the Finnish MEPs, Strasbourg
17.10. Panel discussion “Ajojahtia vai journalismia” by the Finnish Journalists’ Union, Helsinki
17.10. Lunch event by the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Brussels (assistant)
16.10. Evening event by the Finnish Innovation Fund and the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Brussels (assistant)
15.10. Hosting the Euronest network dinner, Brussels
15.10. Green Growth Summit breakfast and the launch of a parliamentary working group, Brussels
13.10. European Green Party working group of the Greens of Finland, Brussels
10.10. Federation of Green Youth and Students open meeting, Tampere – remote attendance
10.10. GEF networking event, Brussels
9.10. General Assembly and dinner, Green European Foundation, Brussels
8.10. Euronest working dinner, hosted by His Excellency the Ambassador of Georgia, Brussels
8.10. Speech at the Conference of the Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership of the Committee of Regions, Brussels
7.10. PubAffairs Bruxelles climate policy panel, Brussels
6.10. LGBT Networking Cocktails, Region Västra Götaland Office, Brussels (assistant)

September 2014

25.9. Green Rentrée -event by Die Grüne, Brussels (assistants)
25.9. Breakfast event for Finnish MEPs by The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Brussels
17.9. Constitutive meeting of Globe EU, Strasbourg
12.9. Lunch event by the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Federation of Finnish Financial Services and FinUnions, Brussels – assistant

August 2014

13.8. Launch of the Palkkaus.fi-service, Helsinki

July 2014

12.7. Suomi-Areena early seminar, Tampere

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